The #1 event fundraising technology service to raise more money during fundraising events. We provide live interactive fundraising thermometers or custom visual solutions!

Benefits of the FundAMeter™

Higher Engagement

The meter fills up in real-time. When the goal is in sight, you raise more $$.

Raise 35-50% more

On average our clients raise 35-50% more $ in relation to ticket sales.

Text / Card / Paddle

Our platform supports mobile texting, pledge-cards, and/or paddle raise.

Aesthetic Matching

Fully customizable layout & design to match your event theme & branding.

Donor Recognition

Give your donors screen recognition or have them appear as “anonymous”.


Optionally allow attendees to complete checkout on any payment platform you prefer.

why choose the FundAMeter™?

Our core value & strength is maintaining focus on your goals. Constant focus on this value is how the FundAMeter has become the #1 service for fundraising events to raise more money.

In addition to our focus, many of the features mentioned above are only unique to the FundAMeter. This includes the ability to pledge using any of 3 methods(mobile, cards, & paddles), a completely customizable screen layout to match your event aesthetics, & mobile checkout on any payment or donor management platform you prefer.