08 Jun 2018

Cooley’s Anemia Foundation Soars Past Fundraising Goal

Over the years we have helped many organizations and non-profits fundraise using our FundAMeter, but this recent event for the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation has definitely been one of the biggest successes to date! On this past Thursday, June 7th (2018), we setup our FundAMeter for their Annual Fundraising Gala which was in full attendance at Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers. This being our first time working together we had high hopes to break their goal of $125,000. That shattered after only a few minutes into their fundraising moment, so we raised it to $150,000. The energy in the room was incredible and the momentum continued to see more donations pop up on screen until once again they broke their goal! Craig Butler came to us and said “one more time!” So we raised the goal to $175,000! In a matter of only 10 minutes we raised the fundraising goal twice, which we’ve never seen before! Well into the closing of their event, as everyone celebrated, dancing with wine glasses in hand, the donations continued to pour in for a final total of just over $170,000. It truly was an incredible experience and we’re so glad we were able to bring such success to an organization that helps so many.