16 Mar 2020

COVID-19 propells Virtual-Event demand

Amidst the pandemic of COVID-19, the events industry took a BIG HIT when government restrictions across the world then regulated than there be no large gatherings to address social distancing concerns and to contain the spread of the virus. This meant that all organizations that relied on big-events to generate revenue, attention, or simply communication were no longer going to be able to accomplish their objectives on a professional level! Many people took to meeting apps like Zoom, Webex, & others; however we all learned that those platforms are not meant for professionally produced presentations but rather for simply “meetings”.

VeeKast quickly answered the call since providing professionally produced LIVE Video Streaming was always a complimentary service to the professional video production services we’ve providing since June 2006. Our CEO, Donvil Collins has been professionally producing live streams before founding this company since 2000. We now know the popular term to be Virtual Event Production.

Our team has for over a year had weekly or bi-weekly professionally produced LIVE Streams by our production team for our Founder & CEO Donvil Collins which if you go back and watch a few always demonstrated the possibilities of a PRO Virtual Event Production. It was always simultaneously streamed on Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube as you can see.

Due to the impact of coronavirus, we expect that the impact to in-person events will remain damaged for the coming years unless there is a ground breaking vaccine which is then efficiently distributed to the mass market.

To address this, VeeKast has formally launched our PRO Virtual-Event Production as a primary service to help events convert their usual in-person events into an effective virtual event. Not only does it include a live produced production, but it also includes fundraising technologies & other interactive add-ons(chat features, social media content display, & etc).

For a FREE Demo, visit the website VeeKast.com or contact us at info@veekast.com or 914-703-8356.