23 Apr 2020

VeeKast Launches VirtEventPro™ Offering Businesses and Non-Profits a PRO Solution to Hosting Virtual Events

White Plains, N.Y., April 20, 2020VeeKast, a high-quality, video production company, is excited to announce that it has formally launched VirtEventPro™, a professional virtual live event production service as its current primary service. While people are practicing social distancing to help slow the spread of coronavirus, VirtEventPro™ is the solution that many businesses and non-profits have been searching for as a way to engage attendees and raise necessary funds that would have been lost without hosting their event. Instead of taking the wait and see approach, now is the time to be proactive for your business or organization by converting your usual in-person events into strong and powerful virtual events.


In recent weeks, many have made the jump to virtual events utilizing meetings apps like Zoom, Webex, etc. However, it is quickly becoming evident that while many of these apps are ideal for general meetings, their functionality for bigger live events is severely lacking and the unprofessional quality often doesn’t not represent a business or organization well.


“During these difficult times, I want to offer services that can help businesses and non-profits right now – because, now is when they are struggling. Many non-profits rely on their big annual galas for a large chunk of the year’s fundraising. Instead of postponing them, or canceling these events outright, I want them to consider changing them to virtual live events that can be just as fun and engaging. Virtual live events can happen right away, you can engage with your audience, raise necessary funds and do it all in a high-quality and professional manner, without the high costs of venues, catering, and décor,” said Donvil Collins, President and CEO, VeeKast.


While VeeKast has just put VirtEventPro™ into the forefront of their business, due to the current crisis, they have always provided professionally produced LIVE Video Streaming as an “add on” service to the professional video production services they have been providing since founding the company in 2006.


VirtEventPro™ allows you to stream a professionally produced live event to your website and/or a multitude of other platforms.


You can have multiple presenters on-screen from different locations which makes for a great panel discussion or an emcee running the whole program introducing different presenters with seamless transitions. You can also integrate, pre-recorded videos, such as honoree videos, or presentations.


VirtEventPro™ features Include:

  • Branded Production – Complete branding options for your live virtual event so that the look and feel of it truly reflects your organization
  • Simultaneous Streaming (Simulcast) – Our services can stream to multiple platforms at once including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your website, conference apps and more.
  • Interactive Participation – We offer multiple options of interactivity to keep your attendees fully engaged.
  • Fundraising Technology – This includes integrating our popular Fundraising Thermometer services “The FundAMeter™” to get people excited as you get closer to reaching your organization’s fundraising goal.
  • Audience Chat – Our combined integrated chat feature with sharing functionality.
  • Pre-Recording Support – Full support and services for pre-recorded videos and editing services.


To watch a demo of VirtEventPro™ or schedule a free demonstration, visit www.veekast.com/virteventpro or email info@veekast.com


About VeeKast

VeeKast is a high quality, video & virtual-event production company based in White Plains, NY that services Nationwide & Tri-State clients. Other than the VirtEventPro™ services, VeeKast’s video services include commercial, branding, corporate, nonprofit, promos, explainer videos and more by its award-winning team. VeeKast is also the creator of the FundAMeter™, the region’s #1 event fundraising technology service that usually helps events raise 35-50% more donations during fundraising events. VeeKast provides live interactive fundraising thermometers or custom visual solutions for businesses and non-profit organizations. For more information, please visit https://veekast.com/.