20 Jan 2022

Your Spring event: In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid? Have a plan

If you’re thinking about what your next event looks like, you’re not alone.

Just when it appears that the world is returning to normal, it isn’t! And staying “one step ahead” of things feels nearly impossible.

Obviously, hosting a large, In-Person event carries more stress and anxiety than it did before, and for good reason. Not all of your attendees are ready to meet in person, while others may be expecting to. How can you maximize your cost/benefit ratio while ensuring your audience is comfortable?

Here are a couple of things I thought you might find valuable to consider:

  • What does your audience want? Consider doing a survey, you might find surprising results.
  • Hybrid, Virtual and In-Person events bring different components to your gathering, allowing you to tailor your event to your audience’s needs.
  • If doing a Hybrid or Virtual event, ensure your location’s internet speed is at least 100Mbps up and down before you sign the contract. Pro-Tip: Confirm that speed will be dedicated to your event.
  • Professionally recording your event can create longer-lasting value for your organization and supporters.
  • No matter the type of event, keep your goals in mind. An event is only as good as its outcome.

The VeeKast team and I are able to help you produce In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid events. If you like, I’m available to discuss your needs and talk about ways to make your event a success in any capacity.