29 Aug 2022

VeeKast Featured on Eventist 365 Podcast

We are excited to announce that Founder of VeeKast, Donvil Collins has been featured on the Eventist 365 Podcast.

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What is the podcast about:

We’ve seen how important virtual events can be in the ever-shifting pandemic landscape, from local gatherings and seminars to huge sports leagues and business conferences. Even if physical events are making a comeback in some places, you might still have to wait until you can meet and greet your attendees.

Fortunately, a virtual option is available! The only issue that remains is, how will you choose the best platform for the live event content to be successful?

In this episode, we are joined by Donvil Collins, CEO & President of VeeKast. VeeKast helps businesses and nonprofits engage target prospects using high-quality video and virtual-event production. They’re a bunch of friendly, hardworking professionals who love engaging the people they target for their awesome clients. They obsess about trying to achieve the goal of their clients. “How can we best create results?” Constantly asking themselves this question is how they’ve created a strong reputation for exceeding expectations.

Tune in now and learn from the best!