01 Sep 2021

Leaning towards a virtual event this Fall?

Staying virtual might be the best choice right now.

If you’ve been watching the news as much as I have, you’re probably concerned about what the Delta variant might mean for your next event. With an increase in mask mandates and public health measures, should you go full steam ahead with an in-person event? Or is it safer to stick with virtual this Fall?

Hosting a virtual event isn’t just a safety precaution – there are lots of other reasons why a virtual event might be the best option for your organization. Here are a few more positives about virtual events for you to think about:

  • Make your event available to watch on your audience’s time.

People are busy. Your virtual event can be online afterward for people to watch whenever it is convenient for them.

  • Sell more sponsor slots.

You can sell sponsorship space during the pre-event countdown or on the graphic-designed branded frame on your event.

  • Use live polls and chatrooms to keep your viewers engaged. 

Live chat and polling are great ways to keep your audience active and present without creating an additional planning headache. It’s easy and effective.