15 Jun 2021

Why Your Next Event Should Be A Hybrid Event

2020 is gone, and with it went our “new normal” of hosting meetings and events over Zoom. As COVID restrictions are being lifted across the country, many people are looking forward to the return of in-person events.

But that doesn’t mean that you need to rush out to book the largest ballroom at the Ritz! Especially since COVID anxieties are still high in many of us, there’s no reason to go all-in. You don’t have to give up the ease of last year’s virtual events just yet. Hybrid events are the way of the future.

Large gatherings are a great way to get your guests energized for your new business model or to donate to your organization’s fundraisers, but they do come at a cost. A cost of both money and time – two things none of us want to give away too readily. This is true for attendees and event planners alike.

Each attendee adds to the venue costs, food and beverage, AV rental, travel expenses, and more. Plus, you have to figure out who will be speaking and presenting at the event. Executives and professional speakers alike are very busy, and you might find it hard to book who you want even without thinking about costs.

In-person events come at a cost to your guests as well. As wonderful as a good event can be, it costs time and money to attend. Family obligations have to be pushed aside, work schedules have to be shifted around, and that’s before you book the plane ticket and hotel room. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try you just can’t attend the event.

Hybrid events might sound more complex and expensive, but by adding a virtual component, you can actually save money on your event. Hybrid events also let you capitalize on all the best parts of both virtual and in-person events. So, why should your next event be a hybrid?

  • Maximize the guest list with a virtual audience
  • Allow your guests to choose how they’ll attend
  • Record your event online so people who couldn’t make it can watch on their own time
  • Book busy executives and keynote speakers to present remotely, live or pre-recorded
  • Include people who ordinarily would never be able to attend your meeting

Hybrid events are the perfect solution for the post-pandemic landscape of 2021. They allow for the best experiences for people who are itching for a personal touch of an in-person gathering and for people who are still apprehensive about crowds. Plus, hybrid delivers a cost-effective way to reach your audience with style and production quality that will put the 2021 Oscars to shame.