09 Aug 2021

Should your next event just be virtual?

Round and round we go: why stick with virtual?

With the rise of the Delta variant and a renewed interest in social distancing and mask mandates, you might be asking that question a lot lately. Should we just stick with virtual for our next event?

Deciding to stay virtual throughout 2021 and beyond doesn’t have to feel disappointing. You might even find that your audience will be relieved to hear that you’re planning another virtual event – they don’t have to weigh the pros and cons, instead, they get to join remotely from their homes or offices. Here are some other reasons why sticking with virtual can help you reach your goals:

  • Reach a broader audience. 

With travel to your event removed it allows more people to attend and virtual event-goers don’t have to worry about scheduling conflicts.

  • Make every second count. 

You are able to cover more content virtually, there are fewer added breaks due to in-person activities such as transitions from cocktail hour to dinner and dinner service.

  • Score the speaker of your dreams. 

Using pre-recorded messages gives you the opportunity to have a presenter at your event that was otherwise engaged and have them stick to their allotted time.

  • Cut cost. 

By no longer having an in-person event you now will not accrue the cost of the venue, staff, decorations, or any other in-person needs.

The VeeKast team and I are here to help. Whether you decide to go virtual, hybrid, or in-person for your next event, we are available to discuss your needs and talk about ways to make it a success.