04 Jan 2021

Top 10 Virtual Event FAQs

Check out the video above as VeeKast’s Daniel Alfonso, Senior Project/Production Manager goes over the Top 10 Virtual Event FAQs listed below. 

  1. Where do I share my event? Live or Pre Recorded Speakers? 

    You can share your event on,“your website, social media platforms or through a private link that only registered attendees can receive.”

  1. Live or Pre Recorded Speakers? 

    Truth is that you can have both! “We can customize your event to fit exactly your needs” Having a mixture of live and pre-recorded content takes some of the pressure off the live speakers, and allows for a nice flow to your event.

  2. Can I use music in my live stream? 

    Yes, but what music depends on which platform we are streaming to as some platforms can cut a stream if they hear use of copyrighted music. The main safety is “royalty free music.” It’s important to test each and all music used to ensure that your event doesn’t run into copyright issues. 

  3. How should I structure my event? 

    Before we can give an answer to this question, ask, “what is the goal of your event?” Some of the top goals of events are fundraising, recognition of a particular person/honoree(s) or an informative celebration. Once you know this you can, structure your event in a way that continues to engage the audience relating to the objective.

  4. How do I incorporate my sponsors? 

    There are a few different ways to include sponsors in your program. We can show logos or a slideshow of your sponsors during the countdown or, “lead-up time leading up to the start of your event.” Additionally, we can include a thank you section during your program where you show their logos while a speaker thanks them, or include one or both of these options at the close of your program. We can also cue a video provided by your sponsor.

  5. How far in advance should I start preparing? 

    60 days is usually preferable. You want to make sure you give your production team enough time to test, produce, edit, organize and receive all of your content to create a memorable event. We test all your content on the streaming service before the day of your event, to ensure that we do not have any event day issues.. But don’t worry if you have under 60 days we will be able to help you have a great event! 

  6. How to get people to watch? 

    “E-blast, social media posts and updated on your website.” Taking these three steps will keep your audience informed about the date, time and what to expect at your event. 

  7. Should I hire a host/MC/auctioneer? 

    This is something we suggest if you do not have someone from your organization or company that is enthusiastically engaging. Hiring a charismatic professional does help to “guide the whole event.”

  8. What if my Speaker is a Non-Pro? 

    If you are worried about your non-pro speaking, but think they are the best to talk about your organization, having a teleprompter is the way to go. It allows your speaker to have a lifeline to their thoughts, and prevent the need to memorize a long script.

  9. Why not just control my event with Zoom? 

    Zoom, although a great platform, is not suited for events. It is great for meetings, presentations, and receptions, but if you want the most out of your virtual event, the best option is a professional virtual event platform. VeeKast can help you customize your event and achieve your goals in a way that other platforms do not have the capacity to. 


For more information about our VirtEventPro™ service, reach out to us via email at info@veekast.com or by phone at (914)703-8356.